SAGITTA-XP Series l High frequency UPS l 6-20KVA

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Product snapshot :

Model : 6-20KVA

Nominal voltage : 208/220/230/240VCA

Nominal frequency : 50/60Hz

Output Power factor : 0.7/0.8 (Optional)

Key Features

  • Large blue black light LCD for detailed real-time UPS status display.
  • Advanced online pure sinewave power supply system, with bypass maintain swich,

It can provide a reliable, high quality AC power source to the precision equipments, can be

used widely in different fields.

  • Widely used to computer equipments, telecommunication systems and industrial automatic,

control equipments.

  • Truly online design, it can adjust the input voltage, filtering, when the AC break off, the UPS

will provide an uninterruptible power source from the backup batteries.

  • UPS will change to bypass mode when overloading or inverter fault, when over-loading remove,

UPS will turn to inverter mode automatically.

  • N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity expansion for 6K-20K (Up to three units)
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