EVR-EX Series 10KVA-3000KVA

SKU : EVR-EX Series 10KVA-3000KVA

Main Features :

  • Product Characteristic

The speed of response time can be fast to 20ms, non-contact, anti-interference,

no mechanical failure, maintenance-free. Effectively protect the security of the precision equipment.

  • Output accuracy can be adjusted

All precision of the stabilizer is preset ±1%. According to different load demand can be set ±1%, ±3%, ±5%.

  • Manual Voltage regulation

According to production requirement, within the scope of the 10% rated voltage value,

the stabilizer can set voltage for different electrical equipment.

  • Automatic bypass function

Equipped with automatic bypass function, when the stabilizer fails, it can transfer info the

AC mains automatically, no affect ion for the production.

  • Output high and low voltage protection function

When monitoring circuit detect the output voltage beyond the upper or lower limit,

voltage stabilizer can transfer info the AC mains automatically, no affect ion for the production.

  • Lack of phase/phase fault protection function

When monitoring circuit detected phase failure, voltage stabilizer will cut off output

automatically and sounding alarm.

Technical Specification

Power Rating : 10KVA-3000KVA

Input Voltage : 200V/220V/380V/400V/415V can be selected ±15/±20

Input Frequency : 50/60Hz

Output voltage : 200V/220V/380V/400V/415V

Output Regulation Accuracy : ±1%, ±3%, ±5% (settable)

Efficiency : >98%

Response time : 20mS

Stabilization time : <100mS/step

Insulayion Resistance : >5 MΩ insulation resistance

Output Waveform : Sinusoidal No distortion, No harmonic increments

Overload Capacity : 150% @90s, 200% @20s

Display : LCD digital display

Alarm : Sounding the alarm, Dry contact alarm (optional)

Protection : overload, over-under voltage, shot circuit, phase sequence, phase failure

Cooling : Air cooling

Ambient Temperature : -15 ํC to 50 ํc

Relative Humidity : ≤90%

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