BLAZER Pro series


- Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability

- Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to stabilize output voltage

- Wide input voltage & frequency range, comply with generator

- Surge protection for both power line and data line(phone / modem)

- Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started up without AC power supplied

- Super-fast charger shortens the charging time to 2-4 hours

- Auto charging even though the UPS is off

- Auto restart while mains  recovery

- USB HID Smart Battery interface enables integration with built-in

power management and auto shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS and Linux

- Full protection against over-discharge, overcharge, overload

- Sealed lead-acid, maintenance free battery


Technical Specification

Model Power rating Back-up Time
BLAZER 600 Pro 600VA/360W 18 min (1 PC load)
BLAZER 800 Pro 800VA/480W 22 min (1 PC load)
BLAZER 1000 Pro 1000VA/600W 18 min (2 PCs load)
BLAZER 1500 Pro 1500VA/900W 25 min (2 PCs load)
BLAZER 2000 Pro 2000VA/120W 25 min (2 PCs load)



Nominal Voltage 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Voltage Range 162 - 268 VAC

Connection IEC320-10A inlet
Voltage Regulation 220VAC +/-10% (Battery mode)
Frequency Regulation 50Hz or 60Hz +/-1Hz (Battery mode)
Receptacles IEC320-10A outlet

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