SAGITTA-XP Series l Rack type UPS l 1-10KVA

รหัสสินค้า : SAGITTA-XP Series l Rack type UPS l 1-10KVA


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Product snapshot :

Model : 1-10KVA

Nominal voltage : 208/220/230/240VAC

Nominal frequency : 50/60Hz

Output Power factor : 0.8

Key Features

  • Large blue LCD display interface, user-friendly.
  • Pure high frequency online UPS, with voltage adjustment circuit, 

provide reliable power protection in the bad operation environment.

  • Comprehensive electric isolate and bypass protection.
  • Input power factor correction, reduce the harm of harmonic to the power grid,

convenient to match small generators.

  • Automatic alarm, self test function.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Input neutral and live wire detec and data protect function.
  • When main power failure, the UPS going to DC start, Convenient and reliable;

when main power recover, UPS restart automatically.

  • N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity expansion for 6K-10K.
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