SAGITTA-XP Plus Series

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Highly flexible and extendable

Battery can choose

  • Battery voltage can be choice depend on capacity, can satisfy different requirement.
  • Convenience to get more back up time and lower system invests
  • Convenience to save cost of battery
  • Intelligent battery monitors

Charge current can be adjust

  • Standant charge current 4A
  • Support more discharge time and more capacity battery for 8A charger

Input topology design

  • Support three phase input or single phase input for three phase UPS
  • Super wide input voltage and frequency range suitable for bad power electric environment
  • Digital control DSP technology and best power component make system safe and reliable

Multifunction friendly design

Advanced parallel technology

  • Stable parallel control technology make sure current sharing to 1%
  • Select trip technology can avoid and isolation system fault then improve system availability
  • Flexble extension capacity and redundance management than can satisfy all kinds of requirements
  • Support maximum 3 units for parallel working

Flexible strategy

  • ON line mode provides higher system availability
  • High efficiency mode provides more economic operation
  • Frequency conversion provides more stable output
  • EPO function

Higher function

Output power factor up to 0.9

  • Output power factor is 0.9 that mean can take more load, if you take same load that can get higher reliability.

Input power factor up to 0.9

  • Three phase input model support three phase PFC , input THDI<5%
  • Output voltage regulation 1%, frequency regulation 0.1%, parallel current sharing 1%

The efficiency up to 94%

  • Efficiency up to 93.5% when take the 30% load
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 98%
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